Festival of the Unexceptional





An annual event to celebrate cars that were once common, but are now rarities.

Far away from the £multi-million classic cars, this event celebrates the more relaxed side of classic car ownership, but with the same levels of attention to detail in location, logistics and presentation. Festival of the Unexceptional is now a cult event, known all around the world.

Through effective press releases, direct invites and curating and delivering content in an engaging way, the 2019 Festival of the Unexceptional welcomed record numbers of press at the event, recruited respected judges for the concours and saw record levels of coverage. Content highlights included Daily Mail, BBC Radio 4 (over 5 minutes), Daily Telegraph and Octane.


To gain the press attention the event deserves, and to welcome press to the event on the day.

Paul is one of the few who will deliver on time, with excellent results.

UK Marketing Director, Hagerty

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