Brand collaborations have become increasingly popular for enhancing campaign value, sharing investments, expanding reach, and ultimately boosting revenue.

Whether it’s offering invitations to each other’s events to build customer loyalty, a gin bar as drinks sponsor to expose your new mixer to your target demographic or even examining data sets to understand your customer profile better, partnerships allow brands to explore new territories and engage with consumers in new and exciting ways.

Tonic has built connections across a vast array of sectors including hospitality, watches, champagne and spirits, tourism and automotive for more than a couple of decades, we have established a highly regarded reputation for connecting the best blend of brands.

With access to additional consultant experts in specific sectors, Tonic are experts at identifying and engaging brands for mutual brand advantage including research, strategic analysis, partner concepts and delivery of joint venture campaigns.

Like all great Collectives, if well executed, the end result, is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are proud to have worked with brands such as LVMH, Gaucho, Piston Heads, Jimmy Choo, Perrier Jouet, Aston Martin London to name a few. We’d love to add your brand to this list.

We have years of combined experience in bringing brands together, including:

  • Identifying and approaching strategic partners on behalf of clients 
  • Negotiating and drawing up agreements
  • Management and assessment of value and reporting to partners and clients
  • Directing the roll out of partnership marketing including affiliation, content, charitable, loyalty, product placement and sponsorship.

Our collaborative partnerships has ranged from partnering with Windrush Car Storage to store and care for the Lister LFT-C as part of a two week press drive programme…

…to brokering and contracting group wide partnerships for H.R. Owen with LVMH and Gaucho to team up each marque with a local restaurant and champagne partner depending on the brand personality ie. Rolls-Royce = Krug.

To find out more about these projects as well as many others please visit the portfolio page and explore our work further.

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