70th Anniversary Celebrations – London Convoy Drive


Events – Customer convoy drive event
Events – New car launch event
PR – Content creation


Toni, Annlouise, Paul, Andy, Amanda

A celebration worthy of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

70 customer and manufacturer supplied cars descended on London as we closed a Westminster road to accommodate this private gathering before driving in convoy to Hedsor House for a garden party.

The following night saw the launch of the Ferrari 812 superfast at the showroom, with over 150 customers present.


To organise a Londoncentric convoy drive for the Ferrari 70th anniversary as part of a global brand activation.

“There are many reasons we’ve loved working with Toni and her team. Most importantly we get consistently glowing feedback from customers who attend Tonic organised projects. Also, and crucially for the bottom line, campaigns with Tonic always return fantastic results in sales and build on our reputation for being the best in the business at what we do. In the year we were awarded Global Dealer of the year, Tonic Collective devised and executed a campaign of 70th anniversary events including closing a road in central London to great acclaim. They ‘get’ our business needs, they ‘get’ our brand and they always go above and beyond. They are a true extension of our team and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Ferrari Marketing Manager, H. R. Owen

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